Community Service

On Thursday, February 26, 2009, the third-graders from Kilauea School were excited to tour the Grove Farm Water Purification Plant, also known as Waiahi Water.  Upon their arrival, the 55 students gathered in front of the building entrance with members of the Grove Farm Company ‘ohana and Jack Wilhelm of Aqua Engineers.  The students learned about the importance of conserving Kauai’s water resources and were great listeners.  The students then took an educational tour of the facility where they were able to see first-hand how surface water is purified into drinking water.

Community Donations

Aqua Engineers, Inc. has a long history of supporting the communities in which its employees work and live. Our charitable contributions efforts seek to support causes and organizations that primarily serve the communities where we have operations. 
Aqua Engineers has adopted four main areas of focus for donations:
  • Education (non-profit K-12 educational institutions) and Youth Organizations
  • Military Families and Veterans
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Healthcare 
Please click here to print of copy of our donation request form.