Aqua Engineers Announces Changes To Its Board Of Directors

Publish Date: 
Tue, 03/06/2012
  • Sheldon Hunt
  • Hugh Strom
  • Kim Lord
  • Lenie Nishihira
  • Dennis Tulang
Hawai‘i— Kaua‘i-based Aqua Engineers, Hawai‘i’s largest and most experienced water and wastewater management company and one of the state’s largest defense contractors, has announced changes to its board of directors.  Aqua founders and previous board chairs Ian Kagimoto and Frank Kiger, have resigned from the board to retire. 
Formal proceedings concluding with an annual meeting of the shareholders, as represented by the board of trustees, were held on Friday, February 3, signifying the “passing of the torch” and the conclusion of a four-month transition from the former board to the new board.  Sheldon Hunt, who was hired as President of Aqua Engineers and its subsidiary—Briant Construction—in October 2011, was officially named Chairman of the Board. 
The trustees approved the expansion of the board of directors to five members, two internal and three external members.  Senior Vice President of Aqua Engineers, Hugh Strom, was selected as the second internal member, while Dennis Tulang will continue as the sole former board member from the transition board (2006 to 2011).  Two new members were selected from the community at-large: Lenie Nishihira, former Aqua Chief Financial Officer and current Chief Financial Officer for the non-profit Hale Opio, and Kim Lord, Senior Managing Director, of CBRE, Hawaii Region, were selected for the coming year.

At the meeting, Hunt honored Kagimoto and Kiger, recognizing them for not just founding and growing the company, but also for guiding it through recent transition.  Hunt also shared his confidence in the new board.  “I look forward to adding Hugh’s insights and sense of community, continuing to receive the sage advice and input from Dennis, and to incorporate the valuable contributions from Lenie and Kim as we move the company into the future.” 
“Last year was another record-breaking year for the company in terms of revenues and profits, with many of the long-term capital projects coming to fruition,” said Hunt.  He commended Kagimoto for his entrepreneurial leadership and Aqua employees for their help in providing sustainable solutions that position the company for an even brighter future. 
Aqua Engineers was founded more than thirty years ago to meet the needs of trained operators for privately-owned wastewater treatment plants on Kaua‘i.  Under former President and Founder Kagimoto, the company transitioned from a four person team to a 100% employee owned company in 2006.  After winning two major defense contracts, the company grew to be the state’s second largest defense contractor. 
 Recently named an APEC USA County of Kaua‘i finalist for the  Hawai‘i Business Innovation Showcase 2011,  Aqua also has been recognized nationally as a GE Ecomagination Award winner, receiving project recognition for its partnership with the U.S. Military and for its role in taking operational measures to improve the environment through sustainable solutions and integrating with local communities.   
Aqua Engineers ( is dedicated to designing, building, and operating potable and
non-potable water systems with an innovative approach that integrates energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.